Domain Michel & Fils GOUBARD in Saône-et-Loire 71

From as far back as its presence known in Burgundy since the seventeenth century, the family Goubard has always been important in the production of Burgundy wines.

The Goubard domain produces 3 appellations :

  • AOC Côte Chalonnaise (Red & White)
  • Givry Village (Red & White)
  • Givry 1er Cru la Grande Berge

At the heart of the Côte Chalonnaise, you can discover the gentle slopes of Mont Avril, as did Courtépée famous Burgundian writer, whom labels of the Domain honor.
Just for a stop, let yourself be seduced by a beautiful wine-tasting in the finest tradition of Burgundy hospitality.

Family domain, it’s operated today by Pierre-François and Vincent to whom their responsibility now to continue… the tradition of quality that has always prevailed in the area Goubard.


Pierre-François, happy in his cellar

Pierre-François was the eldest son Goubard. His kingdom is inside and nothing escapes his keen senses. He follows our wines, brings them up and brings them to perfect fulfillment in the secret cellar.

To help him in his task, he has a winery which can accommodate up to 2500 hectoliters of wine in excellent conditions for wine production.

All days 8h - 12h and 14h - 19h

Sunday by appointement

Tél : +33 (0) 619 281 818

Vincent, happy in his vineyards

Vincent needs air and wide open spaces. From Mont Avril to Givry, the 38 hectare domain does not scare him and he knows every landforms and features. In all seasons, it should be seen, from the cut to the harvest, always busy pampering his vines, climbing on his Straddle or monitoring the blooms worried with glances at the sky or in summer to remove surplus grapes!


DOMAINE Michel GOUBARD & Fils 6 rue de Bassevelle 71390 SAINT DESERT - Siren : 400 828 828 - Tél. : 03 85 47 91 06 - Fax : 03 85 45 93 53
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